Payment Options

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We strive to provide you price options that best fit your needs

Tioga accepts checks, debit card and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card payments.  These payments can be set up to be prepaid, on demand or as part of our 10 month budget payment plan.

Variable Cost Plan
The Variable Cost plan has an attractive rate that will fluctuate up and down with market conditions. As you need the fuel, you simply call us for delivery or we set up an automatic delivery. Your cost will be the market cost of the fuel on the day of delivery.

Payment Disbursement Plan
As part of our continuing effort to provide the best customer service in the industry we can help you avoid large, unexpected payments in the winter months and manage your oil costs throughout the year with our Payment Disbursement plan. Payment Disbursement Plan is our no-fee payment plan that breaks down the cost of your oil and service plans into eleven equal monthly installments. After a quick analysis of your annual energy costs, Payment Disbursement Plan determines a monthly payment for your heating oil bills. You can also arrange to have monthly payments automatically deducted from your checking account or your debit account, so you save time and money on postage.

Upfront Payment Discount
Some of our clients have asked us if their is a discount if they paid the home heating fuel season upfront. The answer is yes. We shall arrange for those clients to utilize our level fuel cost for the season for the amount of fuel they request and prepay for all the fuel they anticipated for the season with a 8 cents for gallon discount if they pay for it all in advance (cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon). The fuel that they purchase will be automatically delivered to them through out the season. It should be noted, if the additional fuel is needed, this fuel will be at the present market cost.

Call us at 215-535-2700 to determine which payment plan would fit you best.